Saturday, January 7, 2012

Celebrity Apprentice - End of the World Edition

I don't know where the heck
Arsenio's been for the past
15 years, but I don't think
he's been working in
Corporate America. Who
wears a hat in the board room?
Especially that hat!
If the Mayans are right and the world really does end on December 21, 2012 that would mean that this is the last season of Celebrity Apprentice ... or in more dramatic fashion ... the ultimate season of Celebrity Apprentice.

When it premieres on NBC February 12, we'll have the usual D-List where-have-they-been-for-the-past-20-years celebrities, plus the standard cable show/reality stars, the obligatory beauty queen and then a few from the sports world. Of course, there are always a few celebs that I've never heard of before.

Here's the line-up.

•Clay Aiken ("American Idol" runner up, pop star)

•Michael Andretti (IndyCar race car driver)
•Teresa Giudice ("The Real Housewives of New Jersey”)
•Victoria Gotti ("Growing Up Gotti")
•Lisa Lampanelli (comedienne)
•Dayna Mendoza (former Miss Universe)
•Dee Snyder (rock musician)
•Paul Teutul, Sr. ("American Chopper")
•Arsenio Hall (talk show host, comedian)
•Adam Carolla (radio host)
•Lou Ferrigno (bodybuilder, "Incredible Hulk" TV actor)
•Penn Jillette (magician, comedian)
•George Takei ("Star Trek" actor)
•Cheryl Tiegs (supermodel)
•Debbie Gibson (pop star)
•Tia Carrere (actress, singer)
•Aubrey O'Day (singer, "Making the Band")
•Patricia Velásquez (model)

Okay, kudos to whoever found Arsenio Hall. Where the hell has he been? Someone jumped into the time machine and traveled back to bad 80's movies to find Tia Carrere. Then they made a second trip back to the 70's for Lou Ferrigno.
Botox or weight gain? I can't
tell; but I don't think most
executives rock eyeliner
in the board room.
And Clay Aiken, really, I thought he still had somewhat of a career.I guess not.
Never heard of Aubrey O'Day, Patricia Velasquez, Teresa Giudice or Paul Teutel. However, since Teresa is a Real Housewife, I'm expecting her to join Lisa Lampanelli and Victoria Gotti for this season's impromptu Bitch Squad. However, the boys might have their own Bitch Crew if what I've heard about Clay Aiken is true. It will be him, plus Penn Jillette (anyone who's seen him on Bill Maher's show knows what I am talking about) and George Takei (he makes my bitch-dar go off and not it's not because he's gay!).
Should be an interesting season. One thing for sure, I'll be watching!

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