Thursday, January 5, 2012

Yawn! Celebrity Wife Swap

So I tuned into Celebrity Wife Swap the other night, and tuned out shortly afterwards. About 20 minutes in, I started thinking about walking the dog. I picked out my clothes for the next day. I started playing Scrabble on my phone. I was bored.

The great thing about shows like Wife Swap and The Apprentice is that you have real people who have real issues who get really mad (well sometimes they do). They have absolutely nothing to lose. When you start dealing with celebrities, you start dealing with images, perceptions and fan bases. These people, in many cases, have something to lose and it makes for more boring TV.

I thought we’d have some fireworks between Gary Busey and the family of disgraced pastor Ted Haggard. If nothing else, I was counting on GB to bring the crazy. Well, he brought the mildly eccentric and the Haggard’s brought the Christian love as they sought understanding from the Busey’s (and the audience) for ‘the scandal’ (you know, when the pastor was having gay sex with a prostitute and smoking meth). Hell, even Busey and his Indian shaman complete with large feathered headdress, couldn’t get me engaged.

I’m going to need a lot more tension and conflict if I’m going to watch this show. Hopefully, Flava Flav (who knew he was married?) will bring that next week when he swaps wives with Dee Snider of Twisted Sister fame.

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