Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Rachel's Dads Reveals and Last Night's Episode

Rachel's Two Dads
Ever since the first episode, when Rachel revealed she was adopted and raised by an interracial gay couple, Gleeks have wondered who would play her parents. Well, wonder no more. Rachel’s two dads will be played by Jeff Goldblum and Broadway vet Brian Stokes Mitchell. Just about everyone is familiar with Goldblum but Stokes should look familiar to TV watchers. He’s been a frequent guest star on TV shows ranging from The Fresh Prince to Frasier and if you want to go way back, Trapper John M.D. The pair will make their debut on the Glee Valentine’s Day episode!

Last Night's Episode

Emma wasn't the only one with the Wedding Bell
Blues last night!

Last night’s episode was like a cool glass of water after a long drought! Glee oh how I’ve missed thee! Lots of musical numbers and fun. Where to begin????
  • Dame Helen Mirren as the voice of Becky’s inner thoughts! Perfect!
  • Coaches Beiste and Sylvester backing up Emma as she sang The Wedding Bell Blues (loved the bridesmaid’s dresses!)
  • Nene Leakes from The Real Housewives of Atlanta guest starring as synchronized swimming coach Roz Washington. Initially, I had some serious misgivings about Nene’s acting debut but she really did pull it off! Her over-the-top persona was perfect for over-the-top synchronized swimming coach.
  • LOVED Schue’s synchronized swimming proposal. CONFUSED BY song choice: Rihanna’s We Found Love (in a hopeless place). Is it high school that’s a hopeless place or is the hopeless place Emma’s rampant OCD?
  • Corey Monteith stepped up his acting game this week as he found out an ugly truth about the father he’d spent his life idolizing.
Of course it wasn’t all perfection. I loved Samcedes’s homage to Grease with Summer Night’s but it seems the love non-triangle is over as Mercedes realized she wanted Sam during the Rachel/Santana/Mercedes rendition of The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face. At least her boyfriend got about three lines this episode. They will send him packing soon enough though.

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