Thursday, March 24, 2011

American Idol: Here's Your Top 10 ... or 11

He put a spell on the judges!
They started with 13, but making the Top Ten is what matters. Only the top ten will go on the Idol tour and make a little bit of Idol money. Eleven through 13 are just out of luck.

The dreaded opening musical number wasn't that bad this week. The Idols looked great, the boys dapper in black suits and the girls in silver dresses. They sang Ain't No Mountain High Enough ... but what really got me is what happened next. Stevie Wonder came out of no where to sing his Happy Birthday song to Steven Tyler. I loved it. I mean who doesn't love Stevie Wonder?

I didn't love Sugarland. What was up with the green pants?? Scotty has got me to have a greater appreciation for country music but not that much.

The first three up for elimination were Pia, Scotty and Lauren. Luckily, and to no surprise, all three were safe. Next, we had to sit through some weird package about James being a big wrestling fan but it all made sense when he and Paul stepped up next for their results. James's hero Hulk Hogan appeared to tell them they were both safe. By the look on his face, I don't know if he was happier to be safe or to meet Hulk Hogan!

The next trio to face elimination were Stefano, Jacob and Thia.  Jacob was safe while Thia and Stefano faced possible elimination. And then there were three ... Naima, Haley and Casey ... and one seat left over in the bottom three. Naima was safe and then it was down to Haley and Casey. Surprise! Casey was in the bottom three.

But before we could get the results, we had a performance from Jennifer Hudson singing her new single, Where You At? She looked beautiful and sounded even better but I thought the the black dress made her look a little hippy.

Against everything I believed in, Thia was safe, making it into the Top Ten leaving the two boys. As Ryan would say, "America voted and Stefano, ... you're safe. Casey you're going home."


But first, he had to sing for his life. Yet, before he got through the first verse, Randy stopped the music. It was unanimous. The judges were using the safe on Casey.

I thought he was going to have a heart attack. He wasn't just shocked or stunned or speechless, he was flabbergasted (and I don't know the last time I've used THAT word). Ryan added that this meant that two people would be eliminated next week, but the good news the producers decided that the tour would include all eleven finalists.

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