Friday, March 11, 2011

Friday Round-Up: Delusions, Detroit and Divas

Well, at least he isn't receiving an
award for his fashion sense.
Winning or Losing? I Don’t Care. Just Go Away!
As bizarre as it sounds, Charlie Sheen really is winning … and I need it to stop. Sure, he was fired at the beginning of the week from Two and a Half Men but he’s still everywhere! He’s interviewed with every major network, called into a bunch of radio shows and by the end of the week, he was starring in a Funny or Die web video. Basically, he’s like a spoiled child throwing a tantrum, the more attention you give him, the worse he’ll behave. Let’s all let him take his millions and retire to the Sober Valley Lodge with his goddesses.

Kid Rock, A Brutha From Anotha Mutha?
The Detroit chapter of the NAACP wants to honor Kid Rock with The Great Expectations award. I don’t get it. Do they have great expectations that one day he’ll make decent music? Anyway, Rock routinely performs with a Confederate flag prominently displayed in the background and that is ruffling more than a few feathers.

Adolph Mongo heads Detroiters for Progress and is an NAACP member who plans on boycotting the festivities. He shared his feelings about the flag with the Detroit News. He said, "It's a slap in the face for anyone who fought for civil rights in this country. It’s a symbol of hatred and bigotry." In response to such comments, the Detroit NAACP branch executive director Donnell White said, Rock "has consistently lifted up the Great Expectations of many persons... concerning the future of the city." For his part, Rock defends his use of the Confederate flag by saying, "Sure, its (the flag) definitely got some scars, but I've never had an issue with it. To me it just represents pride in southern rock'n'roll music, plus it just looks cool."

UPDATE: Rock was selected for the award for his work with Detroit youth.

Tuesdays with Ne-Yo
Singer Ne-Yo is headed to the Cartoon Network. He’ll be producing a show called I Heart Tuesdays. He told the Associated Press about the concept inspired by his younger sister. He said, it’s about, “a 16-year-old girl that inherits the curse of her bloodline and she’s forced to save the world from the unknown evil every Tuesday for the rest of her life.” If you want to catch Ne-Yo on the big screen, he’s got a role in Battle: LA.

I Knew I Liked Her
Ashthon Jones is an Idol no more. But at least she seems to have learned her lesson and in an exit interview with Entertainment Weekly she said more than the obligatory, “I had a good time.” She admitted that song choice might have done her in. And, when asked, she also said that being called a diva by J Lo may have turned some people off but added that a diva isn’t always what she seems. Ashthon said, “A diva is not always a person that has that attitude, you know, ‘I’m all that. I like to dress, I love to have make-up on, I like to do my hair…. I love to have confidence, but that confidence doesn’t come from myself. It comes from God, and that’s what I wanted America to see.” Spoken like a true DivaSoulSista!

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