Saturday, March 26, 2011

Weekly Round-Up

Fringe fans can rejoice. The shows been picked up for a fourth season! Ratings for the sci-fi show have increased since its moved from the hyper competitive Thursday night slot to a more laid-back Friday night spot.

Grey’s fans were treated to a shock at the end of Thursday’s episode as Callie and Arizona’s romantic trip to a bed and breakfast took a turn for the worse, in the form of a car accident. Through fishing around the web, I’ve heard that the accident brings Arizona and Mark closer and from what I have heard we don’t have to worry about another casualty at Seattle Grace. Although next week’s episode is a musical one… that could be a casualty in and of itself … or it could be great. Check out the first minute of next week’s episode and draw your own conclusions.

Oprah fans should circle Wednesday, May 25th on their calendars. That’s D-Day or rather O-day – the date for Oprah’s final show. And if you are tired of reruns, new episodes are slated to return on April 7.

Remember Bosom Buddies? Okay, you probably don’t but I do. Let me try to jog your memory. It was the show about two straight guys who dress like women to get into a cheap all-female apartment building in New York City. Remember now? It was the show that gave Tom Hanks his start. Anyway, Hanks is returning to network TV after more than 20 years as a guest on 30 Rock. No details have been released yet. He could do a cameo as himself or maybe he’ll play a character. When I know, you’ll know.

Even though he’s being touted as Michael’s successor on The Office, Will Ferrell is only set to do four episodes of the show. More than likely, he’ll be the bridge between Steve Carrell’s Michael Scott and his as-yet-to-be-named-and-still secret permanent replacement.

As of Friday, the sexy Sucker Punch has been sucker punched by A Wimpy Kid of all films. That’s right, so far, Diary of a Wimpy Kid has outperformed Sucker Punch in its first weekend out.


Tee aka The Diva's Thoughts said...

Grey's was goooooooddddd!

DivaSoulSista said...

I hope this week's musical hour is just as good. I am also hoping that they make Arizona less of a tool, the whole resentment of Mark thing is annoying.

CC said...

So glad I'm not the only one watching Fringe, I was concerned it wasn't going to be picked up. Thanks for the info. And I'm curious about the Grey's music event, skeptical really.

Lose the Excuses said...

I'm a big Fringe fan. In fact, even though I watch it live I usually DVR it and watch it again later to make sure I didn't miss anything! LOL! This season is getting really good. It would have been a shame if it didn't come back next season.

I'm with you on this musical episode of Grey's. I will say that I just read that we can expect some bumpy roads ahead for Owen and Christina!