Thursday, March 31, 2011

American Idol (Results Show): And then there were 9

They scrapped the amusement park-like group number (yeah!). Instead of doing the group number, they broke the contestants into groups and each group performed their number before facing elimination. Lauren and Scotty went first. They did a duet called I Told You So. The country kids did a great job. I could actually hear that song as a single. Needless to say both were safe.

Next up was a duet by Jacob and Naima. They did a soulful rendition of Ashford and Simpson’s Solid. It was a solid performance .. but Ryan told us that one of them was in danger. It was no surprise when Naima was sent to one of the Bottom Three stools. Jacob was safe, at least for another week.

Fantasia sang her new song, Collard Greens and Cornbread. The song had a really smooth old school feel. The blonde hair? Not the greatest look but she did her thing including giving a little love to Steven Tyler at the end.

Next up were Pia, Thia and Hayley. The trio gave their take on Katy Perry’s Teenage Dream. For the first time, I got that this is the Idol show at Disneyworld feeling. Pia was sent to safety and it came down to Thia and Hayley. Thia joined Naima in the Bottom 3 (and so far I was two for two!).

Paul, Casey, James and Stefano did their rendition of Band on the Run. They struggled with some of the harmonies a bit but the guys gave a good performance. Of course, Casey was safe. And so was James. It came down to either Paul or Stefano. Could I be three for three with my predictions? Well, I was WRONG! Stefano was in the bottom three!
Before we could find out Will.I.Am and Jamie Foxx took the stage with their new song Rio from the movie,... Rio, a new animated family film. Wasn't crazy about the song but they get an A for effort. They had Brazilian dancers and drummers and even had a couple of guys doing Capoeira (the Brazilian form of martial arts).
Since two were going home tonight, it was all about who was safe. After that one walked to safety, the other two would be eliminated. So Paul made the walk back to the seats, leaving Thia and Naima to say their goodbyes.

So my bottom three was off by one (I had Stefano and not Paul), but I did pick the two that went home. I should probably play the lotto tomorrow and see if my lucky streak continues!

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