Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Glee: Sex Education

It's okay, Emma. I thought an Afternoon
Delight was a picnic!
I am a huge Glee fan, and it pains me to say, I haven’t loved the past two episodes, especially last night’s. Like a teen with raging hormones, last night (and last week’s) show was just all over the place. A lot of people hate the tribute episodes (Madonna, Britney and Gaga); but for me the past two overarching theme episodes (alcohol and sex) have been a little too scattered.

I had high hopes for Gwyneth Paltrow’s return and initially when she covered Joan Jett’s Do You Wanna Touch (the best Joan Jett song ever!), I was enthused. I think her Holly Holiday and Matthew Morrison’s Will Scheuster have great chemistry. However, they almost killed it with Kiss. Morrison should have never ever been allowed to attempt a Prince-esque falsetto. And what was the purpose of that tango again?

I also didn’t understand the renewed interested in the abstinence club, or the whole Puck and Lauren sex tape escapade, or, for that matter Finn’s renewed interest in Quinn. He dumps Rachel for making out with Puck (after Finn admitted he'd lost his virginity to Santana); but, he takes Quinn back … the one who lost her virginity to Puck, got pregnant and initially tried to pin the baby on him. Huh?

I did like Afternoon Delight. In fact, I woke up humming it this morning (which I did not like). I have to admit though, like Emma, I didn’t ‘get’ exactly what an afternoon delight was. For most of my adult life, I thought it was a picnic (I also thought Grace Jones's Pull Up to the Bumper was about parallel parking). I was also confused as to why Carl and Emma would go to Holly (a substitute sex ed teacher) for marital counseling, especially when Emma knew that Will was crushing hard on Holly (I think there was a pun there but no pun was intended).

Then there was the conundrum that is Santana. I’m glad that Naya Rivera got to show some acting range but it came out of left field. I liked it better when Santana was a bitch just to be a bitch. Now, I’m supposed to believe she is a bitch because of her love for Brittany? And Landslide? I didn’t get it. What did that song have to do with anything? Was she declaring her love for Brit or breaking up with her? If I didn’t get it, Brit didn’t get it either. I mean, earlier in the episode she admitted to thinking babies were delivered by storks.

On the other side of the gay coin, there was Kurt. I love the Warblers, I do; but they ain’t sexy — cute as little prep school buttons — but not sexy. I thoroughly enjoyed Kurt’s sexy faces and was horrified by Blaine’s request that Burt give Kurt the sex talk. How does a straight dad have ‘the talk’ with a gay son? Exactly what was in those pamphlets?? LOL! The actual discussion went well though. Burt and Kurt have some of the best chemistry on the show (and the best father-son relationship on TV).

Overall, the episode left me feeling kind of ‘meh’. I can’t wait til Regionals next week with two original songs!

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