Monday, March 21, 2011

Celebrity Apprentice: Busey's the Boss

Would you want this to
be your boss?
 The train wreck that is Celebrity Apprentice chugs along. We’ve got the bossy covered in Star Jones, the diva in Dionne Warwick, the asshole in Jose Conseco, and the totally crazy in Gary Busey.  

This week’s task revolved around Camping World. The teams got to pick two RVs and create a complete outdoor experience while showcasing as many Camping World products as possible. The first task was to pick a project manager. ASAP went with Niki Taylor, none of the Sista Set (Star, Nene, Dionne) volunteered because as Nene said, “I’m black. I ain’t never slept outside.”

That sentiment was shared by Lil Jon (who actually is really little) when he said, “I’m the black guy. We don’t go camping.” I can agree with both of them, that’s pretty true. Anyway, they ended up with super model Niki Taylor heading Team ASAP and … wait for it … Gary Busey representing Team Backbone.

When it came to picking the RVs, Backbone went with the big flashy ones while ASAP chose the more middle class ones with the family feel.

You know what? Instead of doing the rest of this recap in chronological order, I want to tackle the personalities that made this episode interesting.

Gary Busey
It started with him and Meat Loaf as they came out of the boardroom from the week before. Meat had accused Busey of not being focused and he responded with, "Don't tell me what I'm not doing when I'm doing what you don't think I'm doing." I didn’t get it either, but he said it with such conviction that there had to be some truth (and sense) in it somewhere.

After he became PM, he went over to the president of Camping World, shook his hand and said charmingly, "I know nothing is free, but my heart to your heart is free." The president just nodded and smiled. Honestly, what else could he do?

As the task progressed, it became pretty clear that there was no plan in place, but that didn’t mean Gary Busey wasn’t busy being entertaining. He explained how he enjoys making definitions for words using the letters in the words. For example, Lucky is Living Under Correct Knowledge Yearly. Freedom is Facing Real Exciting Energy Developing Out Miracles. Of course team is Together Everyone Achieves More, although I’m not sure what everyone on Backbone was supposed to be achieving.

Jose Conseco
Jose could mean Judgemental Oversized Selfish and Egotistical … not to mention lazy. He did nothing but complain, nod off, sit next to Gary and toss a baseball. I was never into him, but now, I’m so over him.

Star Jones
Speaking of big egos, Star started the episode upset that no one had her back in the boardroom. She vowed she would not interfere in the next task or try to manage the manager. However, Star is always the boss or as Gary Busey might say Being an Overbearingly Smug Smartass. She monopolized the conversation with the Camping Word rep and used every conceivable opportunity to make Niki Taylor look like an imbecile. Speaking of …

Niki Taylor
The former supermodel had such a laid-back style that at times she didn’t really seem to have a style. Her ‘moment’ came when she and fellow model Hope Dworaczyk (2010 Playmate of the Year … yeah, I didn’t know who she was either) couldn’t figure out whether this was the 20th or 21st Century, which was the theme Niki came up with. Hope added that she knew a century was 100 years because there are 100 cents in a dollar. Mmmmkay…

Dionne Warwick
To return to Busey-speak for a minute, Dionne is a diva, Developing Into a Vicious Ass. She referred repeatedly to Niki as a hussy which was completely uncalled for, plus (and I know she’s older) she’s as slow as molasses. Niki sent her to Bed, Bath and Beyond with an hour to spare and as we saw her meandering slowly towards the entrance, we knew she would not be back in time. LOL!

Mark McGrath
Haven’t heard too much from him yet, but loved how ticked off he was at Jose for doing nothing. His attempt to get ‘evidence’ by taking a video of Busey and Conseco playing catch could have been a shrewd move. I’m looking forward to seeing him as a PM.

So back to the task, ASAP looked good. LaTonya Jackson actually did an excellent job giving the tour of  the RVs. While their RV looked good on the inside, the outside left a lot to be desired. They didn’t even have a Camping World sign displayed. The guys had a rocky start, but both Richard Hatch and Mark McGrath had plants brought in which gave the RV in NYC a more rustic look. They also had nice signage. Although they seemed like a long shot, the boys pulled it together and actually made this a competition.

In the boardroom, the boys actually won. So, Gar Busey lived to rant another day. Unfortunately, the same can’t be said for Niki Taylor who took full responsibility for the girl’s loss and got sent home. Star gave her props for being ‘classy’ but we all know she was just glad not to have been brought back into the boardroom.

As Niki left, the rest of Team ASAP rallied around her, giving her hugs and telling her they ‘loved her.’ I actually threw up in my mouth a little bit. Their ‘sweetness’ came across like rancid candy. Ewww!

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